Make a crib... give life to a unique creative work.
Not only cribs, beautiful crafts made ​​with infinite patience by Annalisa Bonfante, a young Neapolitan artist, who manages to make his nativity through a particular artistic technique devised by his grandfather Stefano sent to his father Giovanni, who as a child has opened our eyes to a magical world of creativity, imagination, and above all mangers, shepherds, terracotta figurines, musk and Christmases that seemed to last an entire year.


The cribs and art in general have always been part of his life.

As a sensitive soul and creative Annalisa Bonfante, young heiress of the ancient sacred art, cultivated with love and a strong imagination through a family tradition linked to the world of Christmas nativity scenes that goes on uninterrupted for almost a century.

The crib is his greatest passion and Christmas is the time of year for her most magical ... according to the artist, is the spell of those days one of the most important ingredients for the realization of its wonderful nativity scenes. It was during a Christmas Annalisa discovered to be able to build the cribs that as a child had conquered ... the surprise was huge and special thanks to the person who gave him his first crib that led her to continue, reviving through his works' s artistic soul of his grandfather, now you can own unique nativity scenes, enclosing an eternal bond.
 Gifts really valuable not just for Christmas ... but especially at Christmas ... born to magical creative moments.
Every Christmas crib is a unique piece, the result of long, patient and skilled manual only possible through the use of ancient instruments made by his grandfather, Stefano, around the forties.

Stefano Bonfante: Christmas cribs, cribs miniature nativity large and spectacular but also painting, modeling and sculpture were his passions.
Artist versatile and perfect in any art form, perfectionist, creative and caring, could transform an object seemingly hopeless into something usable and beautiful.

During every Christmas, loved to create with his big hands, especially sheperdrs and terracotta small thumbnails linked to the crib and never kept anything for himself. Happily gave all the works that he worked and mainly its beautiful nativity craft. Share with others his art made him happy.

Annalisa Bonfante she met her grandfather only through old photographs in black and white, but incredibly love the cribs, pastors and terracotta figurines, for Christmas, for arts and crafts have always been part of her.

What is amazing is that this young artist has realized that they have the exceptional dexterity needed to realize the painstaking work created by his grandfather in a completely unexpected way, a Christmas several years ago, in fact, discover his talent which he interpreted as a wonderful gift, a Christmas special that had reached her from afar.

Giovanni  Bonfante: the link between a grandparent and a grandchild creative genius.
Pure genius, extraordinary manual skills and a lot of accuracy in the realization of cribs artistic beautiful.
Since a very young Giovanni, in the months before the coming of Christmas, for hours watching the work of his father and never ask questions or receive instructions in regard already as a teenager created nativity scenes of rare beauty care of right down to the smallest details and peopled with statues and sheperds engaged in all kinds of chores.

Miniature cribs, cribs bottles delicate and impossible shapes, but also nativity stage complete with all accessories handmade, are his specialty. Like his father he loves to give to his closest friends Sacred Art, always polished and perfect. Very good modeler, sculptor and designer, able to create objects from recycled materials to great effect.


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