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CRIB | Nativity Art - ART. 007 CRIB | Nativity Art - ART. 007 CRIB | Nativity Art - ART. 007

CRIB | Nativity Art - ART. 007

Priceo: € 250,00 (+ shipping costs *)

Crib worked inside a bottle of fine crystal. The book presents more than the magical nativity crib, a pastoral scene typically full of tiny details that enrich the composition. The shepherds (3.5 cm) that populate the crib are terracotta carved and painted by hand. The accessories of the crib are present in terracotta and wood.
Crib measures: h 33 - L 15 - P 15 cm. PICTURE Download in high resolution


* The sending of cribs can take place through the following ways:
- Shipment with Express Courier 3: To send parcels up to 30 kg throughout Italy with delivery within 3 working days at a price of € 10.00 (0-3 kg) and € 13.90 (3-15 kg) | Packaging included.
- Registered Mail Delivery with 1 plus: The express courier to ship in Italy up to 30 kg, at a price of € 13.90 (0-3 kg) and € 17.90 (3-15 kg)


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