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CRIBS | Crib - ART. 017 CRIBS | Crib - ART. 017 CRIBS | Crib - ART. 017

CRIBS | Crib - ART. 017

Price: € 250,00 (+ shipping costs *)

Crib bottle bulb: Nativity created inside a bottle glass domed introducing all the elements from the entrance. The Nativity Mary - Joseph - Baby Jesus - is placed in the foreground. The pastors present (4 cm) are in resin and hand painted the small craft that enrich the scenario crib are in terracotta and wood. Crib measures: h 12 - L 15 - P 12 cm. PICTURE Download in high resolution

* The sending of cribs can take place through the following ways:
- Shipment with Express Courier 3:
To send parcels up to 30 kg throughout Italy with delivery within 3 working days at a price of € 10.00 (0-3 kg) and € 13.90 (3-15 kg) | Packaging included.

- Registered Mail Delivery with 1 plus:
The express courier to ship in Italy up to 30 kg, at a price of € 13.90 (0-3 kg) and € 17.90 (3-15 kg)

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