Each crib is a unique and unrepeatable, this is the distinctive feature of the wonderful works of Annalisa Bonfante, which is why it is impossible for two cribs may be identical.
 The images of the nativity below, are, therefore, only a few of the infinite possibilities of creation of each work crib.

This is to certify further that all cribs are made without making cuts to glass and in a completely handmade, what's more, every crib is numbered and dated and this aspect will be documented by a parchment that contains the number of the article, the 'year of manufacture and the handwritten signature of the artist.
CRIBS | Nativity Craft - ART. 001

CRIB | Ancient crafts –  ART.002

CRIB | Nativity craft - ART. 003

CRIB | Nativity craft - ART. 004

CRIB | Nativity craft - ART. 005

CRIB | Christmas crib - ART. 006

CRIB | Nativity Art - ART. 007

CRIB | Nativity Art - ART. 008

CRIB | Nativity Art - ART. 009

CRIB | Nativity in miniature - ART. 010

CRIB | Nativity in miniature - ART. 011

CRIB | Nativity in miniature - ART. 012


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