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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Cribs - your most frequently asked questions.

BUILDING CRIB - How do you build a crib in the bottle or light bulb?
How to build a crib .... this is certainly the curiosity of those who, for the first time, he stopped to see one of the cribs in the bottle or lamp made ​​by Annalisa Bonfante. In fact, it may seem impossible that someone has deliberately decided to make a crib by placing the various elements through a mouthpiece so small as that of a light bulb, but it is. The crib, like a block of clay to sculptor a vase of modeling clay, takes shape slowly, and it all starts by going exclusively from the entrance. Through a special technique, extremely long and painstaking, each component (pastors, small crib, cork, etc.) is made ​​inside. Particular instruments, designed by the artist himself, and essential to his work, combine to create a work of great impact crib, a crib unique and limited edition.

CRIB AND ONLY LIMITED EDITION - What does this mean?
Every Christmas crib is a unique piece. As the result of an entirely manual work would be virtually impossible to play two pieces identical. The result is that no nativity scene will never be the same as another, with the result that those who decide to buy one, would be sure to have a unique work. Cribs limited edition for the same reason, because made ​​by hand one by one. Demonstrating these aspects, a certificate of authenticity with each crib, return the serial number, the year of manufacture and the handwritten signature of the artist.

TIME OF FULFILLMENT - How long does it take to make a crib?

The craft does not quantify the time and in the specific case of the cribs or cribs bottle bulb would be impossible to make an estimate. Make a crib like this requires dedication, patience, creativity, tenacity and passion. Often, the way you want to place a single pastor, it takes hours. The workmanship is infinitely long and requires maximum concentration and creativity, so that would impossible quantify or impose a time to complete a task so complex.

BUY A CRIB - And 'possible to buy a crib bottle or light bulb?

The cribs are for sale. The images in this catalog are only some of the infinite possibilities of creation of each work crib, so in the event you decide to buy a crib is no longer available, the artist will achieve, to the extent possible, a crib with the same characteristics (crib scenes, pastors, small). The method of delivery are mentioned in the individual tabs of the cribs in the catalog.

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