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Build a crib

BUILD A CRIB - The cribs of Annalisa Bonfante are renewed expression of sacred art, authentic handmade jewelry able to express modernity and tradition. The elegant shape of the shell in crystal seem to embrace the Nativity contained within them and the brilliant colors of the shepherds and terracotta figurines, transform each crib work fine, numbered and limited edition. A special gift, unique and exclusive not just for Christmas. "But how do you build a crib or a crib bottle bulb"? This is certainly the question facing those who observe for the first time in the cribs or cribs bottle bulb Annalisa Bonfante.

Well, every crib is made ​​entirely by hand through a long and painstaking. The glass does not suffer either cuts or changes of any kind (it is even possible to build a crib inside enclosures glass supplied directly by the client), is the entrance to the one and only input that allows the artist to realize his meticulous work presepiale through the aid of ancient metal tools that are not found in stores but are carried out if necessary.

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The cribs in the bottle and in light bulb always capture attention: beyond the glass of each crib, in fact, in the tiny scenary: shepherds, laundresses, carpenters, innkeepers and shy girls are arranged so well that seem to speak to each other and environments, sometimes inspired by typical Neapolitan atmosphere of great charm (folklore performances of the tarantella, Pulcinella eating spaghetti and play mandolins), they seem real thanks to the attention to detail and the numerous miniature handmade present.

The small world of cribs made ​​by Annalisa Bonfante, is not only a world of artisan tradition of innovation is also a world that is constantly enriched by fresh and surprising ideas. In addition to beautiful Nativity, you can customize your work with scenes related to ancient crafts such as interiors of shops, taverns, banquet fruit sellers and fishmongers backgrounds watercolor depicting famous views of the most beautiful Italian cities like Rome, Florence, Venice , Palermo and Naples, of course. The beautiful nativity of Annalisa Bonfante, especially at Christmas, are the protagonists of important events crib international character.
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