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Christmas Cribs
, cribs miniature nativity collectibles, nativity crafts, nativity scenes ... cribs and cribs yet .... for fans and collectors of the crib. Admire one bottle or bulb, admire a crib in a glass bulb, and even in a fragile crystal decanter and wonder how it is possible to build cribs so special without cutting the glass. It may seem impossible and yet it is true ... the cribs Annalisa Bonfante are objects that surprise, enchant, cribs collection that will leave you breathless ... at Christmas as any other time of year. An Art Sacred to the highest level passed down for three generations from father to son ... and to think that most of the cribs can stay in a palm hand.

Not only are Nativity scenes, beautiful crafts made ​​with infinite patience by Annalisa Bonfante, a young Neapolitan artist, who manages to make his nativity through a particular artistic technique devised by his grandfather Stefano  sent to his father Giovanni, who as a child has opened our eyes to a magical world of creativity, imagination, and above all mangers, shepherds, moss, terracotta and Christmases that seemed to last an entire year.

All cribs manufactured by Annalisa Bonfante are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity of Craftsmanship.          |          Browse the Catalog 
This is to certify further that all cribs are made without making cuts to glass and in a completely handmade, what's more, every crib is numbered and dated and this aspect will be documented by a parchment that contains the number of the article, the year of manufacture and the handwritten signature of the artist.
For lovers of the crib, so let's not dive into a magical world ... inhabited by hosts busy, pipers work, innkeeper busy, carpenters tired, timid maidens, wandering shepherds and sheep in the flock that populate CRAFT CRIBS GREAT ... Within the site await you useful information and beautiful images of cribs. Browsing through the pages, you will understand how to build a crib ... know from near the artisans of the Nativity, learn of Exhibitions and Events dedicated to the crib and for sure, you will find great ideas for your Christmas gifts.


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